There are 30.2 million small businesses in the US. This number represents about 99% of all US businesses - the backbone of our economy!

These statistics show that we in the U.S have a great entrepreneurial spirit and we take action to do better and take care of our families. Becoming a Home Inspector is a great way to do just that! This is why I became an inspector and why I teach others the proper way to inspect houses.

1. Be Your Own Boss
When you are your own boss you have a greater responsibility to lead and run your business. But you can also have greater flexibility in your schedule to be able to run your inspection business and still maintain quality of life, spend time with your family and do the fun things you like to do. You will not have your 'boss' always looking over your shoulder critiquing every move you make.

2. Flexible Schedule - Set Your Own Hours

As I just mentioned, as a Home Inspector you will have the flexibility in your schedule to set your own calendar. You can perform your inspections when the time is convenient for you and your clients. You can accept as many jobs as you want and still have the time to get completed. If your son has a soccer game or your daughter has a dance recital then guess what... you can actually be there! There is no boss telling you at the last minute you have to work late! Now that is what I call quality of life.

3. Low Start-up Costs
You may be thinking.... "starting a business is really expensive. There is no way I can invest that much money into a business." And in many cases you are absolutely right! Many businesses do require a lot of money to start; like securing an office or store front, buying office and manufacturing equipment, or even hiring a large staff.

But this is where it gets really exciting! As a Home Inspector you do not need a big fancy office - you can work out of your home. There is very little equipment to buy - you likely already have many of the tools you will use during your inspections. And as far as a staff goes - you are the staff. Home Inspection businesses has low start-up costs.

4. Minimal Overhead

Not only is the start-up for your Home Inspection business minimal, so is the daily needs to keep the business running; this is known as Low Overhead. As I said in the previous point, you do not need an office - so no need to pay $500 or more a month for an office you will never actually use. Once you have purchased your tools you need for inspecting there is little more to buy. Once your initial investment has been made then most of your inspection fee is profit!

5. In High Demand

The Home Inspection industry is a very solid business to pursue. It has been around for awhile, however I believe we are still in the early stages of what it potentially can be. Home Inspections have gained popularity over the years with home improvement reality and real estate TV shows. The public is seeing the need to have their potential new home properly inspected by someone who knows what to look for and how to relay that information.

As of the writing of this article there are no requirements for getting a Home Inspection. Many real estate agents will encourage their home buyers (and some sellers) to have an inspection done prior to moving forward with the house. Just think if a bank or mortgage company required an inspection be performed with each home sold...

...that would be a game changer!

If that ever happens the Home Inspection industry would explode! So NOW is the time to get into Home Inspecting so you can take advantage of any upcoming potentials.

6. Supplement Your current Income - High Earnings Potential

Ask yourself...

What do I want out of my Home Inspection business?
Should I do this full-time or part-time?
Will Home Inspecting help to supplement my current income?
Could I earn enough to take my family on a vacation?
Can I use my inspection income to buy that new side-by-side?

Your answers to these and other similar questions will help you decide what your goals are for your Home Inspection business. There are no right or wrong answers. Your needs and goals for your business are entirely up to you.

Many inspectors will inspect part-time around their full-time job. Some inspect only to support a hobby or take vacations. Others eventually earn enough from inspecting to replace their current income. While still others will inspect part-time after they retire from their current career. You get to decide how you need to use your inspection income.

Your earning potential is high as well. The national average inspectors charge for an inspection is $300 - $500 depending on location, size of home and several other factors. It's not uncommon for full-time inspectors can earn as much as $75,000 a year! What would that do for you and your family?

In summary, becoming a Home Inspector can be a great opportunity. It could be a game changer for yourself, your career and your family. Take this opportunity seriously and ask yourself one more question...What am I waiting for??

I am ready to enroll now!

6 reasons to become a home inspector

The following are 6 reasons why you should consider becoming a Home Inspector. If you have even the smallest sense of entrepreneurship then Home Inspecting may be just the thing you have been looking for.

Please read this article I wrote to find out more.

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