Home Inspector Training Institute, LLC

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Are you a teacher or educator who wants to become a home inspector?

you may think you don't have the time... well now you do!

There are two class sessions planned for the 2019 summer semester. Each session meets from 9am - 5pm, Monday-Friday for two weeks.

Bridgevalley C&TC; June 17 - June 28

Pierpont  C&TC; July 8 - July 19

home inspector training institute hAS classes specifically timed for teachers and educators.

we have specifically set dates to be able to accommodate your summer schedule so you will have the opportunity to get the training completed in-between school years.

home inspector training for teachers

For more information please call:

Steve at (304) 945-9545,

Pierpont (304) 367-4920, or

Bridgevalley (304) 205-6741

Tuition assistance may be available.